Solar panel


The success of any renewable energy project begins at its inception. Proposed site’s surrounding natural environment should be conducive to the operation of renewable energy technology to make it a worthwhile investment. The site Location, physical characteristics and general infrastructure of the site determines the success, mediocrity or failure of any Solar Photo Voltaic project to a larger extent. The evaluation of a proposed operating location is called a Comprehensive Site Feasibility Study.

Service Offerings

  • Solar Irradiation level analysis
  • Obstacle / Shadow analysis
  • Analysis of land coverage ratio
  • Analysis of PV orientation & tilting
  • Soil Strength & Quality
  • Operational Location Logistics
  • Supporting facilities for utility integration
  • Maintenance & Haul-out Facilities
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Stability & Long Term Growth Potential
  • Overall Suitability for the proposed project

Based on the comprehensive site feasibility study, proposing the appropriate technology for a particular site is essential to truly realize the benefits from renewable energy projects.