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What is SWELECT’s Open Access Power Solution?

The Industrial and Commercial sectors  consumes over half of the World’s energy. High fossil energy usage is not only costly to the environment due to rising carbon emissions, but also affecting company’s profit margin. For Industries in particular, utility bills account for at least 10% of company revenue. With SWELECT’s solar power solutions, high fossil energy HT consumers are beginning to utilize green energy to benefit both their profits and the communities they serve.  

As per  Electricity act 2003, high power usage consumers, typically HT Commercial & Industrial consumers may meet their RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) commitment by choosing power purchase from IPP (Individual power producer), who produces RE (Renewable energy) from their Off-site Solar farms  and supply to them at a reasonably lower than State DISCOM( Distribution companies) tariffs. Buying green energy for their  consumption, reduces not only their power cost, but helps to avoid the CO2 emissions due to fossil fuel production. SWELECT offers very attractive Open Access plans to meet the green energy demand of its clients.

How it works?

  • Swelect will generate solar power from its existing(owns MW capacity Solar farms in Tamilnadu) or new Solar farms.
  • Signs long term bilateral Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the HT  consumers on an attractive solar energy tariff based on their choice of open access model
  • Generated Solar power will be delivered to consumer’s HT locations through state DISCOM grid.
  • Consumers pay only for the power consumed at their location.
  • Swelect undertakes end-to end operation and maintenance of the plant
Open access-min


As the name suggests, this plan enables one or more group of HT consumers to invest jointly 26% of the equity in the SPV project. Consumers  signs long term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Swelect and collectively consumes minimum 51% of the power generated from the Solar SPV which will be developed and maintained by Swelect. Swelect holds the ownership of the solar plant, and the consumers pay only for the energy delivered to them as per the PPA through the State DISCOM grid.

Key features of Group Captive Plan

  • One or more business clients can join the group as equity investors
  • Equity investment of 26% on the SPV project cost. 
  • Combined minimum 51% energy off-take by the clients from the energy generated from the SPV project


This Open Access plan is an attractive model for HT consumers  who can enjoy the risk-free discounted tariff without any investment on the project. Client signs a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Swelect on a discounted tariff for an agreed tenure and gets the contracted energy delivered to their HT locations. Client pays only for the consumed units along with state DISCOM open access charges and other stipulated charges.

Key features of Third Party Power purchase plan

  • Zero investment from the client
  • HT consumers signs a bilateral PPA with Swelect to get the required power supply on a discounted tariff as per the quantum of energy delivery agreed upon
  • Guaranteed discounted tariff, during the entire PPA tenure
  • Client is free from the worries of maintaining the plant and other periodic repairs.