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GRID TIE Inverters – SWG series

SWG TL series


High performance string inverters

  • Wide PV Input voltage range
  • Rapid MPPT tracking technology
  • Superior PV Energy harvest
  • Transformer less with higher operation efficiency
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Firm IP65 inverter enclosure allows outdoor application

Full data display and communications

  • LCD display energy data
  • Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance
  • PC software for remote monitoring and system trouble shooting
  • Integrated RS232 serial communications


ModelsSWG TL2000SWG TL3000
Maximum DC Input Power2300W3550W
Nominal AC output Power2000W3000W
swelect product series
swelect product series

GRID TIE Inverters – SWG series


  • The Lightest – 3Phase PV Inverter
  • Integrated DC switch, Data logger, Web server
  • Ethernet and Optional Wi-Fi
  • Cloud web portal
  • Die-cast Enclosure
  • IP65 Protection


ModelsSWG 10000 PUSWG 30000 PU
Maximum DC Input Power11000W33000W
Maximum AC Input Power10000W30000W

Solar Power Generator – SPG Series

SPG P Series


  • DC Priority to reduce utility / grid consumption
  • Long back-up hours
  • Pure Sine wave output
  • No load disturbance during change over between mains and battery
  • Good output voltage regulation in line-mode operation


ModelsSPG P 500SPG P 1000
Charging Current610
Charging Voltage1224
swelect series